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You Deserve To Live Your Life At A Higher Level

Journaling self-care routine

In this post I share a letter I wrote to a client of mine about deserving to live life at a higher level, embracing all the beauty that she is and has and showing up everyday full force.

How To Enjoy Your Ride On The Hamster’s Wheel

Are you constantly in a hurry with a long list of items to accomplish? Do you feel like you’re always so busy that it’s almost impossible to find time to meet with your friends and family? Does it look like you have a full life, but deep down you feel empty like you’re missing something? Then this blog is written for you.

How to find more balance in your life

Let’s talk about happiness. Not the happiness that comes from buying things. Or reaching that big revenue. Or landing that well-paid job. No, let’s talk about that feeling of deep inner happiness… You can reconnect with that feeling again. All it takes is just listening carefully to your intuition. So let’s talk about your current level of happiness…

How aligning with your values will help you thrive

When is the last time you did a thorough check on your values? Are you aware that they can change over time?  Let me tell you a story, it’s about a very good friend of mine. We have been knowing each other forever. We have witnessed significant steps in our lives: the first kiss, the first hard break up, the degrees, the first job, the wedding, …

How self-care will make you more productive

When was the last time you were able to wrap up your day feeling totally accomplished, centered and happy? Think about it - what did you do differently from the days you dragged yourself to bed, too exhausted to even brush your teeth?

Is Your Path In Life The Right Path Or Just A Safe One (Like Mine Was)?

It was a quote from a book a friend recommended that made me decide something big. That decision had been on its way for a long time and that quote just made me finally realize it. And I won’t say that it was easy and without fear. It wasn’t. 

Time management won’t make you happy

Wouldn’t it be so great to figure out how to effortlessly manage your time? So you would enjoy your life without feeling overwhelmed, always running late, feeling frustrated for not being present when with family or being upset for not being able to accomplish what you would like to.