How aligning with your values will help you thrive

When is the last time you did a thorough check on your values?

Are you aware that they can change over time? 

Let me tell you a story, it’s about a very good friend of mine. We have been knowing each other forever. We have witnessed significant steps in our lives: the first kiss, the first hard break up, the degrees, the first job, the wedding, … And in all these years what was driving her life was her career: a high achiever, she has always been extremely successful, at school first, and at work later. But, after giving birth to her first son, something radically changed. The hierarchy of her values shifted: the love for her son was so strong that rapidly conquered the first place. This shift profoundly affected her life. What I observed from outside was a different set of choices that my friend started taking. These choices allowed her to spend more and more time with her son and less in the office. What became most important to her (the love for her family) lead her to get a part-time job so she could stay with her kid longer, be present and see him grow.

Know your values and be true to them

My friend honored and respected herself by aligning to her new set of values. This allowed her to make better decisions and thrive in her life.

That’s a way of living a joyful life.

What about you? Are you aligned with your values?

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