How to find more balance in your life

You already know how to be happier and more joyful, if you just listen carefully...

Let’s talk about happiness.

Not the happiness that comes from buying things. Or reaching that big revenue. Or landing that well-paid job.

No, let’s talk about that feeling of deep inner happiness…

You can reconnect with that feeling again. All it takes is just listening carefully to your intuition.

So let’s talk about your current level of happiness…

Because looking at your life from the outside, you should be happy. Yes? But you’re not. There’s something missing. You don’t feel that fire in your belly when you wake up in the morning. You don’t feel connected to your desire. Maybe you forgot about what your desire looks and feels like. Even though your career is great, the money is okay and you are surrounded by nice things, there’s something missing and that is this deep inner feeling of happiness. Everything just got so serious.

You lost yourself.

Somewhere down the line, you stopped listening to your intuition…

When you stop listening to your inner voice and stop trusting your intuition, you lose yourself. You lose your happiness

I have always lived my life trusting my intuition more than anything. I would listen deeply to the immediate response that my body gave me in every situation, and my intuition never betrayed me. But something happened.

It was me, growing up, that betrayed it. I would compare my behavior to people around me and I tried to adapt. I wanted strongly to fit in with them. I was young and wanted more than anything to fit in.

You see, I have always felt I was wired in a different way and at that time in my life, I thought there was something wrong with me. So I started not listening to myself, stopped trusting my feelings and everything started going even worse for me. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I wasn’t happy.

Yes, I was fitting in. I was doing the things people around me were doing, but I was feeling empty inside. Not satisfied, nourished, or empowered.

Do you know that feeling?

Please pause for a second and reflect before moving on...

Let me ask you a few questions before moving on and telling you what I did in order to reconnect with my gut feeling and intuition:

  • What is your relationship with your gut feeling?  Do you trust it when you feel it?
  • Who is in charge of your life right now? Your mind or your soul?
  • When you feel a hunch, do you have to rationalize it or do you go with the flow?

Take a minute and think about it. What comes to your mind? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.

When you embrace your inner voice and listen deeply to your intuition, happiness will show up

I started a journey of rediscovering myself in my late twenties, and I have never looked back.

I worked on my values and on my needs. I built a strong muscle of owning and loving who I am. The one thing I stuck to ever since has been completely trusting my intuition. And I have never been happier.

Sometimes I slip up. Of course, I do. But I get a very strong reminder that when it is my mind that is leading the way, I end up miserable. And on the contrary, when I fully embrace my inner voice (the wisdom of my soul), things flow for my greater good and I always, always, end up happy!

I know that it is difficult to reconnect with your intuition and recognize your inner voice if you’ve (like I did) spent decades trying to silence it and maybe even numb it. This is something that I help my clients achieve through my personal coaching program, Awaken Your Joy. If you would like coaching on how to live a fuller life and connect with your true self, then schedule a call with me and let’s have a talk.

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