Time management won’t make you happy

Wouldn’t it be so great to figure out how to effortlessly manage your time? So you would enjoy your life without:

  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Always running late.
  • Feeling frustrated for not being present when with family.
  • Being upset for not being able to accomplish what you would like to.

It would be like taking a pill when you have a headache and then realize that it’s gone without you even noticing it. Yes, a magic pill!

And yes, I love Harry Potter too, but since we live in a muggle world it’s not so easy to find one.

But what if we can create our own magic pill? We can, by changing the way we talk about time management.

What if, instead of talking about time management we start talking about priorities management?

The never-ending To Do List (has to end) 

We all made them, at least once in our life. I’m talking about To Do lists. Some of them so long that we would feel the stress crippling in following the stroke of our pen (or our fingers on the keyboard).

Most of the time we wouldn’t end up checking off all the items on the list because we don’t have the time to do them all. That’s when we start telling ourselves we absolutely need to master the skill of time management. We start looking for books or articles that promise to teach us how to control and efficiently use our time, but inevitably, we end up failing all over again and feeling even more stressed and less confident than before.

Focus on something even more important than time 

Well, today I ask you to do something different. I ask you to stop talking about time and start focusing on the word “priorities”.

Ahhh, can you already breathe a little better? Guess why?

Because, deep down, we all know very well what our priorities are. If we start making a list of what are the most important things to do for us, we will easily find that not only we will be successful in accomplishing all the things on our list, but we will also do it joyfully…what a difference!

That will make you happy. Priority Management instead of Time Management.

So, when will you start changing?

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