Success Stories


My time with Cristiana has been and I am certain will continue to be one of the best decisions of my life. Cristiana has brought clarity of thought and action with her intuitive gifts. I feel she has a unique ability to untangle an indecisive and confused mind by empowering me with tools and profound questions that enable me to make my own decisions. She has a calming presence that helps you open up and face what you may be avoiding in order to love, learn, lead and live better.

Sheza UK

Before working with Cristiana I was always doubting everything: big decisions and small stuff like the best way to handle a difficult situation with a client, an employee or within a personal relationship. I had a lot of fear holding me back. Being somewhat successful but not exactly where I wanted to be because there was so much fear and self-doubt getting in my way this really got in my way of moving to the next level in my life (not just financial but also mentally and emotionally). I knew that I had this inner voice deep inside of me telling me the answers, I just didn't know how to listen to it. So when I met Cristiana the decision was very easy for me - of course I hired her to coach me. Cristiana helped me find my inner voice and taught me how to listen to it and move forward when fear and doubt was blocking me. Each session with Cristiana was really transformative and so awakening that I walked away with a clear vision of what to do next. I recommend everyone who is stuck because of fear or self-doubt to get into Cristiana's calendar as soon as possible - I know I will next time I get stuck.

Vibeke Storm-Frandsen Copywriter & Copy Coach, Bureau by Storm, Denmark

When I met Cristiana it was “love at first sight”. I decided to work with her because I couldn’t make heads or tails of some personal problems. In zero time, she gave me that spark to work them out, in the best and simplest way. Of course I did the job, but she stood by my side all the time, because, besides being an excellent motivator, she’s also a person you can rely on. Cristiana is encouraging, welcoming, friendly, empathic, genuine, transparent and pragmatic. And, above all, she has a great sense of responsibility towards her clients. Her lateral thinking helps you see an issue as an occasion to sort out one or more skills you ignored you had. In other words, she is a real professional. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend her to anyone who feels like working on their personal growth as well as finding the right insights to move on.

Theodora Telloli, Lucca IT

When I began with Cristiana I was clinging and grasping for clarity. During my sessions with Cristiana I gained real tools to stop the grasping and listen for the I AM from within. Cristiana listened patiently to my struggles and then she quietly called me to higher ground, to act from my higher self.

Cristiana and I began with the task to work through a decision in my life, and we did complete that and so much more! The process and methods we used created deeper change within me than the decision itself. Cristiana was so dedicated and focused on my success, I felt like each session was so impactful!

I highly recommend Cristiana’s sessions to anyone who is ready to take their life back in their hands and open to new possibilities.

Kate, Seattle WA

I really enjoyed working with Cristiana, she helped me to see the real issues that I was dealing with and helped me to get to their root cause. She also gave me the courage to voice the fact that I wanted some changes and therefore improving my relationships, and also that life is about more than work and earning money… it's about truly living and enjoying my life. Cristiana helped me to see that I was going outside of myself to find happiness, and that I can start feeling happy everyday no matter what the circumstances. If you want to make some real changes in your life, I would recommend working with Cristiana.

Laura, Terre Haute, IN

Cristiana is a true healer! I started seeing Cristiana for relationship and career direction a few months ago and I cannot say enough good things about the guidance and wisdom imparted to me. As we worked through some of my relationship and career frustrations and challenges, we uncovered the deeper feelings and emotions around these frustrations that ultimately let me being free from these heavy emotions. This is not counseling…is it so much better. I’ve done counseling in various forms and this, in my opinion, is much more powerful and helpful. Therapy tries to “identify” emotions/thoughts-- a good life coach gives you “tools” to actually make your situation better! If you are ready and willing to do the work to make the changes necessary to live as your best you, Cristiana is the guidance you are looking for.

Kelila, Seattle WA

Cristiana is a gem in my life, and I am so grateful to have been coached by her. Her ability to listen and provide intuitive guidance has helped me shift my perspectives and develop a more empowered, confident version of myself. I now feel confident to make decisions that are in my best interest and align with my true voice.

Anne, Seattle WA

It has been a deeply rewarding experience working with Cristiana. First, she gave me the space to be vulnerable in order to reveal my true self. As I began to expose the real me, she made me feel safe and guided me through a frank conversation with myself using her intuition. The insights I have gained from this experience have been truly transformative. With her help, I’ve been able to shed light on the fears that have prevented me from living the life of my dreams.

Oz, Bellevue WA

Cristiana has changed my life and the way I see things. Her listening and intuitive gifts are truly remarkable. When we had met, I was so overwhelmed, indecisive and uncertain of the steps I needed to take. Cristiana brought safety, love and support into our sessions that allowed me to explore and challenge myself. It allowed me to shift into the empowered person I have always wanted to be and I could not have asked for anyone better to have been beside me. Thank you.

Jacqueline, London UK

I have known Cristiana for nearly 4 years, and have utilized her coaching services through a number of challenging experiences. She is a master coach! An excellent listener, she has the ability to hear what I'm saying, distill it, and then call it like it is to suggest new ways of thinking and being. Better yet, she skillfully asks the tough questions that lead me to find my own truth. I highly recommend Cristiana!

Carla, Kirkland WA

Cristiana is a caring, thoughtful and genuinely committed coach. She has deep intuition and insight and makes you feel safe exploring issues and concerns that are near and dear to your heart. In our work together, Cristiana helped me see past some self-imposed obstacles that were standing in the way of my moving forward. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to be empathetic and motivational at the same time. Cristiana offers everything you'd want in a coach, she's a great listener, she genuinely cares about helping the people she works with and she has great ideas. If you're looking for a partner to help you get unstuck, move forward, and live the life of your dreams I strongly recommend Cristiana.

Melinda, San Francisco CA

Cristiana is nothing short of amazing! She is very easy to talk to and be comfortable with and so intuitive. I had some serious personal issues, outside of our class, that she truly helped me with during our time together. She is a natural at being a life coach and would be a motivator to anyone who wants to hire her as their life coach. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their life.

Mary, Denver CO

Cristiana creates a wonderfully safe and comfortable environment to work in. In a gentle but constructive way, she listens carefully and then intuitively asks questions to help you get to the heart of what’s holding you back. You will do the work, but it won’t feel like work. It will feel more like chatting with your best friend, getting a big round of applause, and learning important life lessons all at the same time.

She helped me understand things about myself and reveal insights that led to real breakthroughs for me in both my professional and personal life. I always looked forward to meeting with her, and I was always incredibly motivated to act afterward. Treat yourself to a session with Cristiana. You deserve it!

Lisa, San Francisco CA

I didn’t know what life coaching was about but quickly Cristiana opened my eyes and helped me making a difficult decision. She helped me walk through challenges and asked me key questions and triggered me thinking the fundamental blockers. She does this in a very supportive way.

What really impressed me about speaking with Cristiana is how easy she is to talk with and how very insightful she is. She listens, then distills and clarifies your ideas. I appreciate that she can get right to the heart of the matter and make you face yourself and the difficult decisions. After speaking with Cristiana, everything felt so much clearer and I couldn’t believe I didn’t come to realization before.

I highly recommend Cristiana as a life coach, no matter if you have a life changing decision to make, sometimes feel stuck at the same position at work, or just a small problem you would like to talk to someone about, it will definitely open your eyes and change the way of your thinking!

Lin, Bellevue WA

I met Cristiana while visiting my holistic chiropractor. I was there in search of finding balance, counteracting grief, and reducing stress. I felt out of sorts in my body and mentally exhausted.

That day, Cristiana was a complete stranger who had entered the office and walked over, offered a quiet understanding that was much needed in that moment. We spoke briefly and I learned she was a life coach. This was a very serendipitous moment. Soon after, I became a client. This was my first time ever having a life coach and I had no idea what to expect. She listened as I shared where I was in my career and personal goals. I had a lot of questions about what I ‘should’ or ‘could’ be doing in both areas of my life. The more I shared, the more I realized I needed assistance in shifting my perception of things. I desired to make some changes BUT, I didn’t know how to accomplish this on my own. Cristiana was great at seeing through all of the distraction and patiently met me where I was in my understanding at that moment. Instead of giving me opinions or answers, she patiently coached me to find the answers for myself.

In those three months of coaching, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to re-introduce me to my strengths, confidence, and authenticity. Cristiana’s coaching style kept me very present. The assignments were insightful and what I learned in this process inspired me to move in the direction of my dreams. I could see my path a lot clearer and approached challenges with more enlightened awareness. For this, I am truly grateful.

A., Portland