How self-care will make you more productive

When was the last time you were able to wrap up your day feeling totally accomplished, centered and happy?

Think about it - what did you do differently from the days you dragged yourself to bed, too exhausted to even brush your teeth?

When I think about it, these are some of the things I do:

  • I take a walk.
  • I dance alone in my living room.
  • I journal.
  • I stay in the moment.
  • I take care of my needs without feeling guilty.

And then something magical happens!

Taking care of yourself make you feel full, not bothered nor stressed, but powerful. In peace. It becomes easier to take action. Why? Because you took the time to refill your cup and now you can use what’s overflowing. It seems, and it is, effortless. Your life flows beautifully. You find yourself like in a Nike advertisement, you “just do it”.

Self-care isn't selfish

And you eventually get it: taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, it is a powerful one. It will help you grow faster; it will make you centered. Accomplished. Happy.

Make a list now of the things that fill your cup: what can you do to make your day a better one?

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